Salt Lake Oasis is a secular community focused on providing a dogma-free social network, support and friendship. 


Building Community

We're working to build community for people of all kinds, based on shared secular values and the desire to connect without judgement.

Educating and Inspiring

We value learning, the pursuit of truth and are inspired by the world we live in. We encourage questioning and the exchange of ideas. 

Making a Difference

We're committed to making the world a better place through real and meaningful action. We believe in people and in helping each other out. 


Our Next Weekly Gathering

September 16, 2018

Speaker: Brent Pace,
Clinical Director of Encircle SLC

Topic: Encircle's efforts to provide resources to LGBTQ+ families both inside and outside of the LDS faith.

Live music: Mindy Dillard


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Help support us financially

Salt Lake Oasis is a non-profit organization that relies on financial donations from supporters. If you value secular community, friendship and free thought, please consider donating. All donations will be tax deductible and will go entirely to fund the Salt Lake Oasis community and it's activities.

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