Salt Lake Oasis— A Secular Community




There are Five
Simple Core Values
That Guide Us


People are more important than beliefs.


Reality is known through reason.


Meaning comes from making a difference


Human hands solve human problems.



Be accepting and be accepted.


Who We Are

Salt Lake Oasis is a secular community for people looking for a dogma-free social network and friendship. We started in 2016 and are part of the Oasis Network. 

A Community of Nones

A large increase in Nones, people who self-identify as atheist, agnostic — or when asked which religion they belong say "none"— has taken place in the US over the past decade. According to Pew Research, Nones "now make up roughly 23% of the U.S. adult population. Salt Lake Oasis was created with them in mind.


Ditch the Dogma,
Keep the Community

Our community is secular and dogma-free. It's also a place for free thought, reason and education. We believe in inclusion and are a place for families and people of all kinds. We're are a community beyond belief.

How We Do It

Weekly Gatherings
The Salt Lake Oasis weekly gathering includes time to socialize, speakers, a Q and A session and live music. We meet every Sunday at 11:00 at Ember SLC in Salt Lake City (map). No participation requirements. No dress code. All are welcome. Find us on or email for more information.

Other Activities— In addition to weekly gatherings, Salt Lake Oasis plans to organize other activities throughout the week. We're thinking bike rides, hikes, book clubs, support groups and dinner with friends. If you're interested and willing to help out, let us know.

Volunteer Opportunities— We look for regular opportunities to take part in volunteer and community outreach work and invite community members to join us. Have a great volunteer idea? Share it with us.

Childrens' Activities— Salt Lake Oasis will provide children's activities during weekly meetings. These will be overseen by background checked individuals.

Salt Lake Oasis is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from supporters like you in order to operate. We need your help. If you value secular community, friendship and free thought, please donate here. All donations will be tax deductible and go entirely to fund Salt Lake Oasis. Thanks.