About Us

Oasis is a place without religious requirements to come together to celebrate the human experience.

Salt Lake Oasis is a secular community that meets weekly. Attend a Sunday gathering and enjoy great conversation, talented local musicians, and interesting speakers. Oasis gatherings cover a variety of topics that are educational, often inspirational, and always grounded in reason.

Oasis also has a program for young children, where they can have fun exploring science, art, and ideas while adults enjoy interesting talks. We do have a facilitator here each week to watch the kids while the adults can focus on the keynote.

There are plenty of social events and volunteer opportunities available! You can contribute in meaningful ways, that you choose, to help make the community you want.

Oasis values define our community and help shape our interactions with each other, society, and the world:

  • People are more important than beliefs
  • Reality is known through reason
  • Meaning comes from making a difference
  • Human hands solve human problems
  • Be accepting and be accepted
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Salt Lake Oasis is part of a network of Oasis communities. You can learn more about the Oasis Network at www.oasisnetwork.com.