Sarah has been part of Oasis since 2017. She has lived here in the US since 1990. She works in healthcare at a local hospital. Sarah likes to play the ukulele, sing, bake, knit, garden, play games, meet new people, talk about ideas, and of course keep chickens! She loves being a part of oasis and helping to grow and strengthen secular community in Utah, because it provides her a community where she can learn about things she would never have come across otherwise! It gives her an opportunity to contribute to the wider community through our humanitarian programs.
Choosing Oasis as her community, Sarah says, “It introduces me to people I was not going to encounter in my day to day life and therefore broadens my outlook on life. It gives me the chance to socialize and have fun (lots of it!!) at our group events. It helped me find some of the best friends I have had in my life, including my wonderful partner! And all in a welcoming community that stands for acceptance of all people, beyond the divisions that belief sometimes encourages between “those people” and “us”. I think it is a testament to the need for strong, vibrant secular community in Utah that we made it through the pandemic intact, ready to grow and flourish again. Come and check us out any Sunday and see if this community has something to offer you. And if it does, I invite you to bring your talents, ideas, and unique self to be part of our growing community.”