—  Event 1 —  Sugar Space (132 South 800 West, SLC)

Gladiator Fanatics at Pompeii presented by Alexis Christensen, PhD Classical Archaeology, MA Latin

Alexis Christensen is an archaeologist and classicist. She is an Associate Professor/Lecturer in the Department of World Languages & Cultures here at the University of Utah. Alexis teaches a variety of courses on the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, in addition to Latin and ancient Greek language courses. Her research interests include the design and function of domestic art and architecture in ancient Italy. She is currently Associate Director of the Sangro Valley Project, she has been involved in the excavation of several sites ranging from Bronze Age huts (ca. 1800 B.C.), a Samnite settlement (ca 6th-4th century B.C.), and two Roman villas (ca. 1st century B.C.-7th century A.D.) in the middle Sangro River valley. Alexis has also worked on excavations in Tuscany, Rome, and Ukraine.