—  Secular Ethics: Aristotle and the Golden Mean —  Sugar Space @ 132 South 800 West, SLC

Main Talk: Secular Ethics: Aristotle and the Golden Mean

Secular people don’t have an authority or source of truth that we claim to hand us ethics. So, how do secular people explore and develop ethics? In a series of speakers we will examine various approaches to developing secular ethics. Come and be part of the conversation!

Speaker: Eric Hutton

Speaker Bio: Eric L. Hutton is Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy at the University of Utah, where he has worked and taught for the past twenty years. His areas of expertise are ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy and ethics. He is the translator of Xunzi: The Complete Text (Princeton University Press, 2014) and he is currently working on a book about the insights to be gained by reading Plato from a Confucian perspective.

Musician: Jason Fullmer

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