—  Native Plants & Animals Versus Invasive Species —  Sugar Space @ 132 South 800 West, SLC

Musician: Rocky Lavoie

Main Talk: Native Plants & Animals Versus Invasive Species

How often do you go for a hike and see the vegetation all around and wonder about it? How many plants do you distinguish? What species thrive in Utah? The more you know the deeper appreciation you can experience out in nature. Come learn about native plans and animals verses invasive species! Maybe on your next hike you will be able to spot more plants and know how they impact our ecology.

Speaker: Jonathan Barth

Speaker Bio: Jonathan Barth grew up in Utah. After college, he taught English in the US Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan for 2 years. After, he moved to NYC for 12 years, where he was a freelance photojournalist. More than a decade ago, he moved back to Utah where he began pursuing a new profession in environmental work. He found his niche working in the outdoors, surveying plants as a field botanist, and at other times controlling invasive plant species.

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