—  Element 11: Utah's Own Burning Man —  Sugar Space @ 132 South 800 West, SLC

Musician: Jefferson Montoya

Main Talk: Element 11: Utah's Own Burning Man

Element 11: Utah's Own Burning Man

Speaker: Jordan Lenaburg

Speaker Bio: Jordan Lenaburg is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Element 11, where he has volunteered since 2019. In addition to his work with Element 11, he is a software engineer by trade. Jordan was raised in Salt Lake City, UT, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on IT. In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, camping, fixing things, custom hat-making, and playing video games. He has a laid-back personality and always looks for the positive side of life. Jordan is passionate about volunteering with Element 11 because it allows him the opportunity to help make a profound difference in people's lives.

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