—  Introduction to Secular Ethics —  Sugar Space @ 132 South 800 West, SLC

Musician: Molly Mars

Main Talk: Introduction to Secular Ethics

Secular people don’t have an authority or source of truth that we claim to hand us ethics. So, how do secular people explore and develop ethics? In a series of speakers we will examine various approaches to developing secular ethics. This week we will introduce some information on the series of speakers lined up over the coming months and discuss the start of this journey. Come and be part of the conversation!

Speaker: Angie Johnson

Speaker Bio: Angie Johnson is an educator, with a background in microbiology and mathematics, and is the founder a of K-9 public charter school in South Jordan, Utah where she serves as an administrator. She has overseen the establishment of Salt Lake Oasis into a thriving secular community. She finds meaning in attempting to give voice to secularism and bridge the religious divide in Utah through civil discourse and genuine relationships.

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