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Main Talk: Fantasies: Is This Normal?

Sex is an important part of the human experience. Tammy Ellis, a certified sex therapist, will be delivering a short series on healthy sexual attitudes and communication. This is a sex positive series to help you as an individual, as well as, you and a partner gain greater insights into communication and acceptance of being sexual as part of a healthy and happy life. Come learn from a trained professional who helps individuals and couples everyday!

Speaker: Tammy Ellis

Speaker Bio: Tammy Ellis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her master’s degree from Utah State University, and many years before that received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Weber State University.

In mid-2013, Tammy began to research human sexuality, for personal reasons related to her marriage, and at the encouragement of the therapist she and her husband were working with. She became so enamored by the topic and all that she was learning, that she applied for graduate school in order to pursue the goal of becoming a sex therapist.

Upon graduation, Tammy began her career as a therapist in Addiction & Recovery Services working with high-risk substance users in Ogden, Utah. During this time, she applied to the University of Michigan with a goal of attending their Sexual Health Certificate program. After being accepted, she spent a year of traveling back and forth to Michigan for intensive clinical training.

She now holds a certificate in sex therapy and sexuality education. Her interests within the topic of sexuality include fetishes and paraphilias, pornography, out of control sexual behavior (frequently called sex or porn ‘addiction’), intersex condition, and all types of sexual variations.

In her free time, Tammy loves cooking, and paddle boarding any chance she gets.

Musician:  Bill McGinnis

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